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Delivering PBX, SIP and VoIP Solutions, since 2003

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Hosted PBX Solutions delivers a cloud-based business phone system with features like call waiting and voicemail, offering cost-effective alternatives to traditional systems. Benefits include lower upfront costs, scalability, flexibility, increased productivity, and improved customer service. This solution enhances business communications without the complexity or high expenses. Contact us for reliable and feature-rich hosted PBX solutions tailored to your business needs.


SIP Trunking is a modern phone service utilizing the Internet to connect calls efficiently. It can be used with VoIP or traditional phones, offering businesses cost savings, flexibility, and reliability. By sending voice and data in small packets over the Internet, SIP Trunking provides a more efficient alternative to traditional methods. It eliminates the need for a separate voice network, making it a cost-effective and scalable solution for businesses seeking a reliable way to handle communications.


Vital PBX is a comprehensive business telephone solution, based on the Asterisk VoIP platform. Offering essential features such as call waiting, caller ID, call forwarding and more, it provides unlimited scalability, seamless integration with IP phones and VoIP providers, and cost-effectiveness through existing internet connections. With a web-based control panel for easy administration, Vital PBX is highly customizable to meet the specific needs of businesses, making it a versatile and beneficial VoIP solution.



Unlock Effortless Connectivity: PBX & SIP Trunking Solutions!

Your local and family-owned source for cutting-edge Hosted PBX & SIP Trunk solutions. Since 2005, we've been a beacon of simplicity, flexibility, and affordability in global business communications. We take pride in the lasting relationships, great reputation, and trust we've built.


Join us on this journey where innovation meets affordability—become a valued part of the Seamless family.


Welcome to Seamless Communications!


Locally Trusted

Family Owned

Proffesional Communication Services

Small Yachts

“Darr Palmer and BizPhones4u have delivered a top notch Unified Communications solution to us. Mobility applications, Video conferencing, chat and e-fax type services allow us to better serve our boating clients.”

Jon Pawley

"Honest, dependable, reliable VoIP service provider that has the perfect virtual phone system solutions for remote working. They are the best telecommunication service provider in the greater Tampa Bay area."

Don Burgher

“I had a good experience working with the BizPhones4u team setting up my phones, switching phone carriers and updating my 3CX system to their newest version. The bottom line is that their team’s response when I call and need help plus transparent with service and set up fees.”

What Our Clients Say





  • Scalability and Flexibility: Easily adjust to changing business needs with cloud-based solutions.

  • Lower Upfront Costs: Avoid costly on-premise hardware investments; pay for services used.

  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: No need for in-house IT staff; the service provider handles updates.

  • Improved Disaster Recovery: Ensure business continuity by quickly rerouting calls in emergencies.

  • Cloud-Based SIP Trunking: Integrate local phone systems with the internet for cost-effective communication.

Finance Your Business Equipment Needs


Common Business Challenges


  • Gauging the Effectiveness of Advertising Dollars

    • Difficulty in measuring the impact of advertising investments.

  • Reliability of Phones and Internet

    • Disruptions due to power outages or adverse weather conditions.

  • Managing Information from Multiple Platforms

    • Handling data influx from diverse sources like Facebook, WhatsApp, Website Live Chat, and SMS Text.

    • Risk of high payroll costs when manually accumulating information.

  • Multiple Offices and Remote Workers

    • Challenges in connectivity, management, and accountability.

How We Solve These Challenges


  • Dedicated Inbound Numbers for Marketing Campaigns:

    • Assign a unique inbound number to each marketing campaign.

    • Easily determine responses for different campaigns and marketing regions.

  • Softphone App for Internet Outages:

    • Stay operational during internet outages by using our softphone app on smartphones with data plans.

    • Full PBX functionality ensures uninterrupted business communication.

  • Unified Communication for Customer Interaction:

    • Connect seamlessly with customers on their preferred platforms (Facebook, WhatsApp, Website Live Chat, SMS Text).

    • Use our web client and softphone app for a centralized hub for all social media and phone communications.

  • Specialization in Multi-Office/Remote Environments:

    • Built-in presence feature for instant visibility into team interactions.

    • Easily initiate chats or calls with extensions across offices.

    • Ideal for businesses with remote workers or multiple global offices.

Success Amidst Challenges


  • During the pandemic, our clients, many transitioning to remote work, found our phone solution to be crucial. Now, 30% of our clients are either fully remote or have multiple offices and remote workers globally, attesting to the success of our rapid and effective deployment.

  • We provided a phone system to a company in order to help them regulate the availability hours of a specific employee who, as an attorney, is required to offer phone consultations for 12 hours per week to paying customers.


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